S.P.V. invests a lot in quality realizing a metrological area with the most updated measurement and control instruments:

-  Visual check system of Contour 205 profile
-  Profilometer Zeiss
-  Altimeter Tesa
-  Optical gage /shadow comparator Mitutoyo PH3500
-  Measuring microscope Mantis
-  Complete serie of gauges and go-no-go gauges


The lay-out of the production area has been studied considering the production processes in order to grant an accurate choice of the tooling and materials, a control on the pieces during the machining, the washing and degreasing operations and the final trial before the packing and shipment.
To achieve low parameters of roughness, a Filtering Plant for cutting fluids has been implemented and used during the production.
Particular attention for environment has been taken into account in fact all machineries and plants are equipped with a Central Fumes Suction System.



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