According to the legislative decree n° 196/03 ( named the “law”) , about confidential personal data, S.P.V. Tornerie srl headquarter in Lumezzane S.S (BS) Via Magenta, n. 43, decided to update the forms according to the art. 13 of the law.

Type of datas

Only personal datas will be treated in our relationship, to be intented as all information about direct and inderect datas concerning the contractual relationship. In addition to the datas received from you directly, we can also receive information from a third part, coming from public registers or public acts and documents.

Purposes of Treatment

Personal data are used for the following purposes:

a) to fullfill the contractual obligations towards you
b) to provide for other obligations depending from fiscal or civil, national and international regulations, connected to the contract
c) to fullfill the preliminaries at the stipulation of the contract
d) to fullfill the accounting obligations and management of the contentious

The presentation of the personal datas for the above purposes a), b), c) and d) is compulsory; your eventual refusal will prevent the fullfillment of the contractual and legal obligations. The handling of these datas, including the comunication to the person mentioned in the next section “group of persons to whom can be disclosed”, are not subject to obtaining your consent under the Article 24, paragraph 1 of decree 196/03.
Your datas will be processed for the following purposes, those are also not strictly related to the execution of contractual obligations, but can improve the quality of the service offered and allow a prompt knowledge of our initiatives towards you:

e) comunicate and spread the commercial references by e-mail or paper documents, advertising material, in our web sites and magazine. The personal datas that can be spread are name, address of your office and type of product/service offered
f) dispatch of advertising material
g) market research
h) commercial information
i) comunication to other customers or suppliers

The above purposes e), f), g) h) and i) may be executed by our company or other professional studies. The transfer of personal data for the above purposes and the related treatments, including any communication to the suppliers, is not compulsory, no action will be take against your declination , only our inability to ensure your information. Should you not transmit those information to us, we will not be able to better understand your organisation.
Please send your notice of rejection to our Fax number 0039 030 8976070 or to the e-mail address:

Treatment modalities

The treatment of personal data can be carried out with hand and computer tools according to the above mentioned purposes and in order to guarantee the safety of the data using preventive safety measures according to the law. The data will be registered on one or different data base and/or kept in paper archive and/or on magnetic support. All operations mentioned in the Art. 4 paragraph 1 of law will be carried out accordingly. In particolar a grading according to customer type, region, province, commodity and article code is permitted. Your personal information are recordered for the purposes set out in pursuit of the mentioned purposes and will be kept in a form that can identify you just for the time necessary for compliance with laws. Your personal data will be treated lawfully and correctly and periodically updated. We ask you to transmit to us any eventual change for the updating of our data base.

List of subjects to whom data can be disclosed

S.P.V. Tornerie srl can transmit your personal data, for the above purposes, to the following subjects:

- government and administration according to the limits of law and rules
- private organizations
- legal studies and chartered accountants
- insurance , leasing and factoring companies
- banks
- consulences for commercial or business services
- suppliers or potencial suppliers
- customers or potential customers
- company of the group S.P.V. Tornerie srl and other companies connected to S.P.V. with special agreement in Europe and extra Europe
- transport companies.

Your data can be known by the employees of our Company named “officer” according to the law article 30 and relevant skill profile, in order to carry out the needful treatments on behalf of S.P.V. Tornerie srl. Those data can also be known by temporary staff of external officers of S.P.V. Tornerie srl, who need to process your data to manage all operation of contractual agreements between S.P.V. Tornerie srl and your Company. The mentioned staff can be nominated by a special letter of assignement on the basis of the assigned tasks. The detailed list of subjects to whom data can be disclosed is available by sending a request to the managing officer by fax to the number 0039 030 8976070 or to the e-mail address:

Rights of the people concerned

We inform you that the article 7 of Law permits the exercise of specific rights. In particolar you have the following rights:
a) confirmation of existing personal data concerning you, even if not yet recorded and their communication in intelligible form
b) indication of origin of personal data
c) indication of purposes and treatment modalities
d) indication of the applied logical in case of treatment with electronic instruments
e) identification of the Owner and of Manager
f) indentification of subjects and categories of person to whom the data may be disclosed or may
g) the updating, the correction and integration of data
h) the cancellation and processing in anonymous form or block of data in violation of law, including those that do not require conservation in relation to the purposes for which the data were collected
i) declaration that the operations referred to the points g) and h) have been known also as regards their content.

In conclusion we inform you that, in order to exercise thos rights or receiving information you can address to us calling at number 0039 030 8970077 asking for privacy office or by fax to the number 0039 030 8976070 or by e-mail at the address:

Unless otherwise provided, by signing this document you acknowledge that you have read the above information and expressly consent to the use of your personal data for the purposes mentioend above.

Original signed by the legal representative
Registered by the headquarter

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